Requirements for Promotions Testing

Students must adhere to the following Promotion Testing requirements:

  • Full uniforms are mandatory, (no t-shirts).
  • School patches are required on all uniforms, or NO TEST!
  • Testing application must be completed in full, including questions and essay. Under 6 years of age, a picture is acceptable for the essay portion.
  • You must be at School 10 minutes prior to actual Test time.
  • One (1) board is required -- no borrowing allowed, so come prepared.
  • 16 board breaks are required prior to Test day -- 8 left, 8 right.
  • All stripes must be on belt or NO TEST! (form, breaking, physical, nun chucks, sarang, joenkyung, discipline).
  • Applications and testing fee must be returned to the office at least one (1) week prior to Test day. (A $20 late fee will be charged if all materials are not returned on time, as a new belt will not be ordered for those individuals).

For current White Belts:

  • Patches must be on uniform.
  • Bring one (1) board to Test day.
  • Application must be completed in full.

For current Yellow Belts:

  • Sparring gear is mandatory for Test day.

Below is the latest promotions requirements testing document for your review and for printing at your convenience:

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