Tae Kwon Do Terminology

To help our students, listed below are the most common terms used at Ko's Tae Kwon Do.

The Korean translation is based on words written in the Hanggul Korean alphabet of characters.

Since there is no direct English equivalent, the Korean version is presented as a pronounciation guide (in a general phonetic / syllabic breakdown) and in romanized form (using the English alphabet).

You'll be proud to know another language other than English!

Titular Terms

Grand Master
Kwan Jang Nim
Sabum Nim
Kyo Sahnim
Assistant Instructor
Boo Kyo Sahnim
Senior Student
Sun Bae Nim
Junior Student
Hoo Bae Nim

Ceremonial Terms

Salute the Flag
Kukkieh Daehae Kyung Reh
Bow to Master
Sabum Nim Kae Kyung Reh
Bow to Instructor
Kyo Sahnim Kae Kyung Reh
Bow to Assistant Instructor
Boo Kyo Sahnim Kae Kyung Reh
Mook Nyum
Return or Come Back
Bah Ro

Courtesty and Manners

Thank You
Gamsa Hamnida
Excuse Me
Shil Reh Hamnida
You're Welcome
Chun Muhn Eh Yo
I'm Sorry
Mee Ahn Hamnida
Ahn Yung Ha Sehyo
Nice To Meet You
Bangah Seumnida
Ahn Nyung Hee Kehsehyo
Goodbye (when leaving)
Ahn Nyung Hee Kehsehyo
Goodbye (answer to Goodbye)
Ahn Nyung Hee Kehsehyo

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